Best Man Was Asked To Give The Ring. But What He Did Instead Had Me SCREAMING!

Accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere; from minor to major. Especially during major events when everyone is busy and wants to make the event perfect, something goes horribly wrong making the day memorable. Something similar happened during this wedding ceremony featured in the video below!

It was the wedding of Chloe and Keith. They planned a perfect pool side wedding ceremony and everything was going smoothly — until the time of saying their vows. Chloe and Keith decided that they liked the traditional way of saying their vows, but they never expected something like this to happen during the vows. Chloe and Keith will remember this day for rest of their lives, and so will their guests. And most of all, Keith’s best man will be repenting his mistake forever!

Watch this hilarious video below. Did you see that coming? Let us know via comments!

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