No One Believed Him That His Cockatoo Did THIS When He Played Elvis’ Song. So He Recorded It!

I have seen many videos displaying the hilarious reactions of birds towards various genre of music. But I have never seen such an EPIC reaction… ever! This cockatoo in the video below sure loves Elvis, King of Rock and Roll. But you will never believe his reaction when dad plays one of Elvis’ famous songs!

As soon as dad plays Elvis’ song, this cockatoo on the right starts grooving to the music. He, at times, looks at his female partner right next to him and encourages her to dance with him. But unfortunately it looks like she doesn’t want to dance. She slowly backs down and uncomfortably stares at the excited dancing cockatoo as if to say ‘Dude… you are crazy’.

Isn’t that hilarious? Watch this video below and do write us your comments in the comments section below!

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