Dad Came Back From Work. But When He Saw His Cockatoo Doing THIS? I Died Laughing!

You might love cockatoos and their smart and witty sense of humor, but you cannot deny that sometimes they can be pain in the neck. They tend to argue with their owners a lot and even use human language to give us some competition. However, they are adorable nonetheless.

In this video below as well, we see an adorable cockatoo who is arguing with dad. We do not know why this bird and owner is having an argument but we do see the aftermath. And according to the video description, an argument with cockatoo is the one you can never win. Dad tries best to come to a conclusion but the cockatoo does not hear the end of it. He even walks out on dad after he had had enough of babbling around.

Check out this funny video below. Did this make you laugh? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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