Cockatoo Lets Out A HUGE Fart. But It Was His Next Move That Left Me Laughing Out Loud!

It is true when they say cockatoos are one of the smartest birds out there. They belong to the beautiful and intelligent species, and for centuries they have attracted human attention. They don’t just understand human languages, but can also use it for conversations. However, what you are going to see a cockatoo doing in the video below is going to leave you in hysterics!

This video features a little smarty pants who leaves his owner cracking up after what he does in front of the camera. Apparently, this cockatoo is having a bad stomach day, but he is not shy to let out the fart; even though it is a huge one. But the most hilarious part is when he storms out of the room as soon as he gets his fart out. He doesn’t stick around to take the blame.

Isn’t that hilarious? Watch this video below and let us know in the comments below!

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