Mom Says “Peekaboo”. But This Cockatoo’s Reaction? LOL… I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Peekaboo is mostly played with little kids. They love it, and we love to see them laugh while playing it. Most of the times we see children playing peekaboo with their pets, and like children other animals also love to play this game. However, have you ever seen a bird playing peekaboo before? If not, this video is going to make your day!

This following clip features a sulphur-crested cockatoo who is apparently a great fan of peekaboo. As soon as her owner Abigail starts playing peekaboo with this bird, he does something quite unexpected. He is quite lively albeit and a bit squeaky but it is what makes him even more adorable. You’ll be in hysterics to see what this bird does in response.

Watch this video below do let us know what you think about it via comments!

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