She Gives The Cockatoo A Bowl Of Broccoli. Now Wait Until You See What He Does With It..LOL!

I have always seen children throwing tantrums when they are asked to eat vegetables that too specifically broccoli but this is the first I have got to know that even birdies have the same habit. Hard to believe but true! This video absolutely proves that it’s not just humans who despise nutrient filled vegetables.

The adorable cockatoo featured on this video totally hates broccoli. And that too, to such a severe extent that he gets furious with the mere sight of it. As his doctor instructed Eric, the cockatoo too eat more broccoli, his owner had been trying convince him to eat them.

But the cockatoo just doesn’t seem to like the idea. He rips the broccoli into shreds, throws all the pieces on the floor, and by the end throws the entire bowl to the ground. Well now you can surely imagine the level of hatred ! Watch this video and tell us what you think of this cockatoo’s tantrum. We would love to have your views!

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