Mom Opens The Door To The Backyard. But What Her Excited Pup Does Next Is Just UNREAL!

Dogs are energetic almost all the time. Sometimes I really am baffled to see their energy and enthusiasm. Especially when they are in their puppyhood, they run all over the place and do not get tried. They don’t even sleep properly, and in the morning they spring up and play all day again. Take this pup in the video below for example!

Coco the Cockerpoo bread is featured in the video below. He loves to chase around squirrels, but you won’t believe the length he goes to catch them. Whenever mom says “squirrel”, Coco jumps right up and starts to look for the squirrels. He can even climb trees in order to catch them. Coco almost looks like a cat when he does so and it is so adorable.

Can you believe this? Watch this video below and write us your comments in the COMMENTS section below!

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