12 Yr Old Boy With Leukemia Was In His Death Bed. What This Marine Did For Him? OMG!

In the city hospital door, a Marine was found holding a salute for more than 8 hours. The reason for it? He was honoring a 12 year old boy who was battling for his life in the same hospital. Doctors told this marine that the boy in the hospital had only limited hours to live and that is when this marine decided to hold his salute as an honor.

The boy who this Marine was saluting for was Cody Green. When he was just 22 months old, Cody was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, Cody had been battling with the disease. Even though Cody’s body became cancer-free with years of chemotherapy, his immune system got very weak. That is the reason why his life was in danger and his 12 year old body couldn’t take it any longer. He tried his best to survive, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it.
On Cody’s last day, Marines decided to present him with Marine navigator wings and officially named an honorary member of the marines. It was to show him respect for the struggles he had to go through all his life.

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