Adorable Corgi Tries To Herd Those Ducks. But What Happens Instead Left Me Laughing Out Loud!

Corgis are cutest dog breeds, but they are not much of herders. This dog in the video found it a hard way. However he didn’t back down until the very end. When you see how this Corgi tries to herd the ducks, fails at it but tries it again, you will be in stitches. I completely fell in love with this doggie.

This cutie pie’s name is Marco and he is one hell of a dog. Even though he is not much bigger in size than these ducks in the farm, he does his best to herd them. Herding is probably in his blood, but he hasn’t yet mastered it. However, he does his best and succeeds to herd these ducks even though he gets attacked while doing so.

This Corgi inspired me to do my best! What about you? Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments!

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