She Let A Cow Inside The House. But I Lost It When I Heard Her Make This Excuse. Aww!

Coming home with a stray kitty or pup and getting in trouble; we have all done this before. Kids love pets and there is no doubt that all the animals love little kids as well. However, this kid in the video below has taken the ‘helping street animals’ to whole new level. She just let a cow inside the house and mom wants to know the details about it. But this little girl’s excuse for it will leave you smiling ear to ear!

This 5 year old has let a cow inside the house. She knows she in big trouble. But when mom asks about the incident, she makes the funniest and most adorable excuses that really steals mama’s heart. She tells an elaborated story with a lot of ‘umm’ and jumbled up words but can’t convince mom. Then she plays the adorable card which seems to work like she wants it to.

Watch this little adorable kid and her hilarious antics in the video below. Did this leave you smiling? Let us know through your comments!

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