Little Bird Starts Hopping On A Man’s Knee. But Then? OMG I Can’t Believe THIS!

Animals usually let their babies stay alone so that they get a chance to explore and grow in their own way. However it never means baby animals don’t need any guidance. They do and sometimes if we find them helpless, it’s our duty to intervene for help.

Babies are curious by nature and wild animal babies are no exception. They love to figure out things by themselves, explore and quench their thirst of curiosity. Well this baby crow too seems to be in the same group. The baby crow seems to be quite curious about humans so he just decides to meet one and befriend him.

Though his parents were shouting at him from treetops he didn’t want to listen to them. Even the man whom the crow was trying to befriend tried to signal and direct him towards his parents but the baby crow didn’t just bother to move until he was done with his work.

So cute! Don’t you think so? Let us know how you felt watching this video through your comments!

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