Stray Dog Wouldn’t Listen To Anyone. But When She Sees A 6 Yr Old In The Grass? I’m In Disbelief!

Susan Hilden thought it would be best to call for rescue when she saw Daisy roaming around in Hollister. Dianna, a wildlife rescue specialist, from Hollister Animal Lost and Found, with the help from Susan, managed to track down the dog’s owner. They were in quite a bit of shock to find out that the pooch had escaped from her new home after just two days of adoption.

Daisy roamed alone for two months, and everyone who tried failed to capture her. They would feed the pooch, but she still wouldn’t get close enough to get caught. It was then that they decided to call six-year-old Megan for help. This little girl and her mother fostered around 75 dogs last year! To everyone’s surprise, Megan succeeded in befriending the dog. Daisy has become friends with Megan, and she now lives with Ava, Susan’s granddaughter.

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