Boy Began Dancing At The Mall. Now Pay Close Attention To The Statue On The Right—INCREDIBLE!

YouTuber “Noster” was at a shopping mall in Cincinnati, Ohio, when he came across a “living statue.” “Noster,” whose real name is Noah Kenaley, is a talented dancer who has uploaded some amazing videos of himself dancing to popular dubstep songs. In this video he faces off against Eclypse – the living statue, who is a member of the dance crew The Millennium Robots.

They engage in an epic battle in the middle of the mall. Noah challenges Eclypse, and then they battle it out to give a stunning performance to the onlookers. You will not be able to believe your eyes after seeing them dance in such a small space. Their moves are out of this world, and it is really difficult to say who won this battle, isn’t it?

Watch this video below! Weren’t both of them incredible? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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