This Boy Killed Himself Because Of This Text. What It Read? I Was Shattered!

Now-a-days bullying has been a part of every school child’s life. It is a dreadful epidemic which has tortured and affected many children’s lives. There are many children who even go as far as to kill themselves because of the constant and dreadful bullying in their schools. The following video features a story of a young boy who had had enough of bullying and finally decided to end his life.

Daniel was a normal high school boy who was constantly bullied by his school-mates. Even though his colleagues didn’t have any reason to hate him, they had made his life a living hell. Daniel struggled every day to keep himself together. However, a text he received one day triggered him to commit suicide.

Watch this heartbreaking video below. What are your thoughts about bullying and parents’ responsibility in it? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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