She Thought She Was Having Twins. But 7 Years Later? Have You Seen ANYTHING Like This?

All around the world, there are so many cases that still baffle doctors and scientists. People are born with all sorts of conditions, and they are as interesting as they are unusual. Deepak Paswaan is one of those rare cases. He was born in the state of Bihar in India. But unlike other children around him, Deepak was born with a parasitic tin sticking out of his chest.

It happens to only one in a million people, but unfortunately Deepak was one of those millions. The parasitic twin’s limbs jut out of his body, putting a strain on poor Deepak. This rare condition happens when the egg doesn’t fully separate while dividing in the womb. The poor child had to face a lot of stigma wherever he went, but after a team from Bangalore volunteered to remove it, Deepak is now a healthy, happy child.

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