Mama Goose Was Guarding Her Eggs. But When This HUGE Deer Approached Her? OMG!

Watching different animals communicating and helping each other out, always melt my heart. This video below featuring a unique friendship between a mama goose and a huge deer is also one of those videos which is not something anyone has seen before. It will definitely leave you baffled.

According to the video, a man spotted a deer roaming around the nest of a mama goose. This mama goose was guarding her eggs but her male counterpart was nowhere to be found. As this man observed, he saw that this deer was not only roaming around but was in reality protecting mama goose and her eggs. It was not just for a day. But this man caught the deer sitting at the same position right next to the nest every single day. Even experts are baffled to see this. They found it hard to believe it as there was no way for a deer and goose to communicate with each other.

Nature is filled with miracle and this is one of the examples. Watch this video below and do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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