A Soldier Dog Was Killed. What These Baggage Handlers Did With His Casket? Tear Jerking!

We have seen many clips featuring airline baggage handlers who are caught being less-than-respectful with passengers and their luggage. However, this group of baggage handlers are here to show that not everyone is the same. Most of the people might not know of these baggage handlers’ kindness as it always happens behind the scene, but through this video we know that there are kind and respectful people all around the world.

This group of airline employees and baggage handlers — known as the Delta Honor Guard — are from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. In this video below, we see them receiving a Fallen Soldier and his K9’s coffin at the airport. However, it is not the only thing they do. The Honor Guard holds a ceremony as the caskets are transferred onto the plane.

This is really heartbreaking. Did you know about this? Let us know via comments!

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