Labrador’s Expression Every Time He Has To Take His Ear Medicine Leaves Even Dad In Hysterics

Like human kids, animal generally hate to take medicines. Who wouldn’t? They taste so bitter and even though it does well to the body, we don’t see the immediate reaction. At least that is what those who don’t want to take medicine say. Among all the animals who don’t like to take medicines, this dog in the video below probably top the list, if that list is ever made!

This following video features a dog named Denver. You know him from the guilty dog video as he is the star who went viral in the internet for his guilty expression. Even if you haven’t seen that video, don’t worry! He will make you fall in love with him with this one! Just wait till you see what he does when dad shows him the medicine he has to take.

Even dad couldn’t stop laughing to see his reaction. Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments below!

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