Seniors Sit Around A Table. But When They Sing This Classic Hit From 1961? I’m Speechless!

1960s and 70s were the idol decade for all the music lovers. Some of the most popular and legendary artists released their talent on this era. But just before the US was hit by the British invasion, Dion DiMucci was one of the most popular rock and roll performers. His music incorporates various different music genre; from doo wop, R&B to rock.

You’ll be glad to know that, our ‘rockstar’ is very well and active even today. He is out again to take the world by storm and this time he using the power of FaceBook to do it. He recently posted this cover of his own song “The Wanderer” with his mates from the group “Dion and The Belmonts”.

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The Wanderer

Imagine going to a restaurant for lunch, and seeing The Del Satins singing this classic. These guys have still got it!SHARE with your friends, take them down memory lane! on Thursday, January 22, 2015

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