A Player From The Opposing Team Yelled This At A Disabled Player And Had Everyone Screaming! OMG!

Mitchell Marcus is a disabled high school kid who has a developmental disability. However, his love for the basketball is even recognized by his high school’s coach Peter Morales. Peter believes in Mitchell so much that he even risked a game in order to let Mitchell have his day in the basketball court. Yet, what happened on the day of the game left everyone stunned!

It was the last game of the regular season and the game was almost over. At the last 10 minutes, Peter let Mitchell play for his team. They were already leading by 15 points. All of the team members believed in Mitchell and passed the ball to him, however Mitchell was all out of luck and couldn’t even score a point. But the most incredible thing happened when the opposing player from Franklin High School, Jonathan Montanious had the ball in his hand.

Watch what Jonathan did for Mitchell even though his team was going to lose the game. I totally salute Jonathan for what he did!

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