His Headlights Were Turning Yellow. What He Does With This Toothpaste? BRILLIANT!

Everyone wants to keep their cars squeaky clean. But taking your car for carwash every time is very time consuming and expensive too. Most of us like to work out ourselves and want a method to keep our cars like a brand new for longer period of time. But is it possible? I don’t know about the whole car, but I just found a great way to clean the headlights of the car and make it squeaky clean in an instance.

This video below is brought to us by ChrisFix, a YouTube channel. The host in this channel shows us a perfect way to clean our dirty headlight and turn it into a brand new. For this he uses a toothpaste with baking soda and a brush. Yes you heard me right! Just apply a thick layer of toothpaste in your car headlights, rub it with the help of the brush and clean it out.

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