Toddler Was Painting Next To Her Dog. But What Happened Next? This Is So ADORABLE!

Dogs are the friendliest creatures on earth. No one can deny this fact and there are far too many examples on the internet to prove it. Except for being friendly, dogs are faithful, disciplined and very lovely creature. Even though they may be harsh around the strangers, they are absolutely darlings when it comes to babies. This video below features an adorable relation between a toddler and her dog. Wait till you see what this toddler is doing!

Apparently, this toddler wanted to paint. But as it turned out, she doesn’t have paint brush. So instead of searching for one, she decides to paint with the help of the dog’s tail. After watching this video, many of the audiences showed their concern for the dog as he may be in pain because of the constant pulling of his tail. But as you might also observe, this dog is at complete ease.

Isn’t that just adorable? Watch this video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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