Kids Are Hiding Under That Pool. Now Watch What This Dog Does To Find Them! Aww!

Here in ThisAmazedMe, we try to share the most hilarious and adorable videos to make your day even better. This video below is one of them! We know that, like us you love animal videos as well. So how can we restrain ourselves from sharing such a cute video with everyone? Prepare yourself for the hilarity and overload of cuteness!

In the following video, we see kids hiding under the pool. It seems like they are playing hide and seek with their favorite friend, a black Labrador who seem to be the king of this game. As soon as mom says “where are the kids?”, this Labrador runs to the pool and gets under it. At first he was little confused on how to get kids out of the pool, but in an instance he finds the way.

Even the family couldn’t stop laughing at this lab’s reaction. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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