Poor Dog Was Chained For The Most Part Of His Life. What THESE People Did For Him Next? AWW!

Dogs are such magnificent creatures. They’ve been called man’s best friend for a reason. They all well live up to this title as well. However, one thing I always failed to understand is the mentality of people who own Dogs not caring about them. How can you be heartless to an animal whose whole world literally revolves around you? If you’re to get a dog treat it with the amount of love, affection, and care it deserves otherwise don’t get a dog at all. People who abuse animals are worth nothing but the oxygen they waste. Personally, I’d be fine with giving animal abusers capital punishments but then again that’s just me.

Believe it or not some people actually chain their dogs up for the entirety of their lives. Some even cage them. ‘Fences for Fido’ is an animal care sponsored program where dogs are built a fenced area to roam around. This program rescues dogs that’ve been crate trained or leashed throughout their lives, and sets them free to a fenced area. The fenced area is a safe haven for dogs to roam as wildly and freely as they choose to. The area is guarded thoroughly through winter so as to provide the best quality satisfaction to their furry legged friends. Watch as the dog in the end of the video is freed for the first time in his life.

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