This Dog Doesn’t Fall Asleep Each Night Watching Over His Owner. The Reason Will Break Your Heart!

Dogs are naturally loving creatures, just like humans are. Sometimes, they even care much more than humans do. They love their owners and are willing to risk their lives for them. And surely, they equally deserve the same love. Now, this dog in this video had a very sad past. Before he was adopted by his new owner, he was abandoned by the previous owner. The previous owner couldn’t keep the dog because his wife was pregnant.

Now, as the dog lives in his new home and with his new family, he never sleeps at night and keeps watching over his new owner sleep. it is a weird and scary act from a dog. If I was the dog’s owner, I would worry if this was health-related or something else that harms the dog. Watch the whole video to find out how the new owner understood the heart-breaking reason why the dog acts this way. Now, imagine yourself having a dog that acts this way. Would you also be bothered? Tell us what you think!

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