Mom Dog Shows Sweet Love with a Lovely Child with Down Syndrome. Watch the Video to See That There’s Nothing Love Can’t Conquer!

Babies with Down syndrome, in many places in the world, and to many people, are ignored and sometimes neglected.  Painful as it is, in some families, babies with Down syndrome are uncared for even by their own parents. In this video, you will see a touching illustration of a dog’s love for a baby with down syndrome. The Mama Dog sweetly touches the child, ever gentle not to hurt the baby.

Watching this video will make you realize that there is no boundary between an animal’s love and humans. Animals, in this case, dogs are the most real creatures here on Earth. They feel compassion and love, even for babies. The world needs a love like this. Watch this video until the end and be touched by this pure love of a dog to a baby. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about what you saw. Were you touched? Do you love babies even if they have Down syndrome? What would you like to tell people who neglect babies who suffer from this kind of ailment?

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