2 Dogs Start Fighting. Now Wait Till You See Who Comes To Stop Them! Unbelievable!

Having siblings in the house can bring about a lot of fights and arguments. Of course, having siblings is awesome, but equally troublesome. Who knows it better than these little pups in the video below! The arguments of the siblings are known to escalate real quickly and it sometimes gets real ugly. Poor pups in the video below are going through the similar situation!

At first it was just a regular quarrel. These two white pups were playing, but soon enough small growls turned into a bad tempered fight. Fortunately, they both had their brothers to break off the fight. When their brother hears them fighting, he quickly comes out of the other room and barks at them. Looks like he is the alpha and he wants no-drama in the house.

Watch this video below. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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