Joey Feek Got THIS Heartrending Surprise Months Before She Passed Away. But Who It Was From? OMG!

March 4th, 2016 was a sad day for everyone. On this tragic day, we lost yet another talent. Joey Feek, a talented 40 yr old singer and a member of husband-wife country music band Joey + Rory died with cervical cancer leaving her family and the world in devastation. However, months before her demise, her life’s long dream came true.

Joey had always been a fan of Dolly Parton. From the age of 4, Joey had listened to and admired Dolly’s works. She had always wished to meet her. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any opportunity to do so. However, Dolly gave Joey something better. While watching TV with her family, Joey saw Dolly Parton making a special statement and it was about Joey herself. Dolly said that she will be praying for Joey and sent her regards.

Watch this heartrending video below and do share your feelings with us in the comments below!

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