In 1971, Dolly Parton Sang This Song And Left Everyone In Tears. But When She Sings It Now? Amazing.

Dolly Parton is a country music legend. I love all of her works and you are probably one of her fans. Not just music, we can learn a lot from her life. She came from a very poor background and her struggles to the success is very real. This Christmas season she is even releasing a movie based on her youth; the struggles of her family and the inspiration. It is titled “Coat of Many Colors”.

Yet this video below is not about the movie. It is about the song itself. “Coat of Many Colors” is the song about her youth which she released on her second single album back in 1971. You probably know about it and have already praised its beauty. The Voice US 2015 decided to invite Dolly for one of her special performance of this song and it is featured in the video below.

Don’t forget to check out this incredible video below. Did you enjoy it? Let us know via comments!

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