She Starts Recording This Dolphin. But What She Ends Up Capturing Took My Breath Away!

Birth is the miracle of nature. It is an important part of our existence. This video below features this miracle of nature which takes place underwater. We barely get to witness animals giving birth and getting a chance to observe a birth underwater is extremely rare as well.

Dolphins are aquatic mammals, so unlike other cold-blooded fishes dolphins actually give birth to a tiny dolphin baby. Like humans, they give birth to a calf at a time. However, the time baby dolphins take to come out into the world is much longer than that of a human child; i.e. 11-12 months. And what is more interesting is how they are naturally equipped to swim as soon as they come out into the world. Human newborns can’t even sit straight on their own.

Witness this enchanting miracle taking place in the video below. Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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