They Start Toppling This AMAZING Domino Set Up. Seconds Later? Keep Your Eyes On THAT Blue Wall!

Toppling down dominoes is really fascinating to watch. Especially when they create the masterpiece, before and after falling down. Take this masterpiece in the video below for example. Everyone was left screaming and shouting when they saw this magnificent dominoes show in their school basketball court. It definitely must have taken a lot of time to create this master piece, but mere minutes to fall apart.

The video below is actually a dominoes show from 2013 which broke two world records at once. This spectacular show used 128,000 domino pieces and was carried out in order to showcase the history of the world. This mind-blowing show made it to the headlines and still leaving millions flabbergasted.

Have you ever tried stacking up dominoes yourself? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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