Husky’s hilarious reaction when he’s asked to go to his kennel cracks up even his owner

Dogs are loyal and faithful towards humans. They are known to be mans’ best friend and it is also said that they can do almost anything to keep that status. Well almost! Sometimes these poor creatures get absolutely stubborn and don’t do as we tell them to. Take an example of this little husky in the video below! What he does when dad tells him to go inside his kennel will leave you in stitches!

11 months old husky named Blaze is not mature enough to listen to every words of dad. This husky from Hampshire is not just stubborn but knows how to get the things the way he wants. Blaze hates going inside his kennel. One look at this video and you will know how much. He prefers his freedom much more than his pretty kennel and whenever dad says “it’s kennel time”, he lays down and says “no”.

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