She Saw Her Brother Sleeping On The Couch. But When She Tries To Wake Him Up? OMG!

No matter how many times they fight, siblings share a bond that is indescribable by mere words. This clip shows yet another sibling moment that will warm your heart without a doubt. Mom, as soon as she sees Remi crawling towards her brother Drew, rushes to get her camera. Remi is on a mission to wake her brother from his sleep!

This eight-month-old little girl loves spending time with her big brother. When she sees the three-year-old sleeping soundly on the couch, she tries to wake him up. With the help of her mother, she does wake up her sibling. Now you would expect the boy to get furious after getting disturbed from his nap. But to our surprise, he reacts in an adorable manner instead!

Watch the video below! What did you think of Drew’s response? Let us know in the comments section!

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