Monstrous Man Drilled A Hole Though Dog’s Leg & Chained It To “Stop Him From Escaping”

As a tradition of providing information and entertainment to people we post a variety of things. Sometimes we post happy and cheerful things. Sometimes we do not. This is an example of the latter. This story is not for the weak of heart. It certainly isn’t something that once seen can be unseen. This is the story about an abused dog who was just recently rescued off the streets.

On the streets of Chatsworth, South Africa, last Monday a dog was rescued. Now while that story is sort of a good thing bear with us. The dog was found with a clam drilled into one of its hind legs. This was by far the most severe case of animal abuse/brutality the Amanzimtoti SPCA had ever encountered. The dog was rushed into an animal hospital. Tracey Girling, the rescue organization manager reported that the clamp was suspected to have been drilled on within the last 24-48 hours. Take a look at this grueling image:


If anyone has any information about the dog or his owner they are asked to step forward an contact the SPCA at 031-904-2424 or 031-904-2425. For more information on Amanzimtoti SPCA please check their website:

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