Rescued Cow And Bull Are BEST Friends. Wait Till You See Their Precious Bond!

We have seen many unlikely and unusual friendship videos in the internet. But, no matter how many times we watch these kinds of videos, they don’t fail to make us emotional. This video below is one of them! It features a really amazing bond between a cow and a bull. They were both rescued from the slaughter house and now live peacefully in an animal sanctuary in Tennessee called the Gentle Barn.

Dudley the bull and Destiny the cow are inseparable. According to the owners of the sanctuary, this couple tends to do everything together. They often play together and when one does not feel like playing, another stops time to time to check on the other one. They also give each other morning kisses and don’t sleep until they kiss one another good night. They are even getting married this year.

Watch this video below and share your thoughts about their friendship in the comments!

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