He Wakes Up From A 10 Year Coma, But NEVER Expects To Hear THIS From His Doctors. Shocking!

Many of the road accidents are caused because of drunk drivers. Even though it is absolutely illegal to drink and drive, people still do so without any regret or remorse. This man featured in the video below is also a regular drunk driver. He already has his 5 DUIs, so his friends decides to pull a prank on him to let him know what the 6th DUI might do to him.

On a usual day, this man’s friends let him drink as much as he can. But when he passes out, they prepare an empty office room and make it look like a hospital bed. When he wakes up, they plan to tell him that he had an accident 10 years before and was in coma since then. They even prepare a news report for the prank.

Watch what follows next. Did you see that coming? Let us know in the comments below!

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