She Put A Toilet Paper Roll On A Hand Mixer. WHY? I HAVE To Try THIS Out Myself!

Who doesn’t want to know some awesome life hacks? Life hacks make our life easier without additional effort. So here we are again with a brilliant life hack that will make your clean up after art and craft session a lot more fun and easier than before.

Are you fond of knitting, but struggle to clean up the yarn after the session? Worry not! This brilliant life hack in the video below will show you a perfect solution for this problem and you’ll just love it! You just need a toilet paper roll, an electric hand mixture and the leftover yarn from your session. Just fix your toilet paper tube to the attachment on a hand mixer, hook a thread end on it and start the mixer. In seconds you’ll find your problem out of your door.

Watch this video below. Found it useful? Let us know via comments!

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