Grumpy Pooch Gets Mad When He’s The Last One To BE Called For Dinner!

Dogs often resemble human children. They are innocent, pure hearted, and yet sometime stubborn. Like little kids, dogs know exactly how to look guilty yet adorable and hit their owner right at the heart. Even though these techniques sometime work, sometimes it does not. However, dogs never cease to stop their innocent acts.

This video below features a group of dogs waiting for mom to call them for dinner. They patiently wait as mom calls them by their name. Everyone is happy to hear their name and walk out of the door for the delicious meal waiting for them. However, there is one dog who is angry with mom for not calling him at first. This Labrador dog named Echo doesn’t like it when he is called at last. But what he does to show his anger is definitely going to leave you rolling on the floor!

Keep your eyes on the dog at the far end. This will leave you in hysterics. Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments!

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