How the Eel Reacted to the Diver will Melt your Heart

Personally, I love seeing underwater creatures even just in pictures and videos. I even love having books about them. Though some look scary, someday I would love to be near them, even for just a moment. I often imagine myself diving and meeting fishes like those of Nemo but I hope Ursula’s not there. But wait, enough of my imagination, because this diver doesn’t have to imagine.

During the time he was enjoying the world under water, he met a new friend! This friendly eel didn’t want his new diver friend to leave. How the eel loved to be touched by hand is a touching scene. I never knew sea creatures love seeing people and be friends with them. How about you? What is your favourite sea creature? And if you were underwater, would you want to be near them and have some selfie? Share your underwater thoughts with us!

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