His Mom Had Injuries Everywhere, So He Set A Hidden Camera In Her Room. What It Captured? OMG!

According to research, those people that are dependent on others are at a higher risk of abuse. But most of them tend to suffer in silence since they don’t want to trouble anyone. Elderly abuse is usually one of the most frequent cases of abuse. The following event happened at a nursing home in Peterborough, Ontario, but it could be happening anywhere else as well.

Camille Parent noticed frequent injuries on his mother, reportedly from “attacks by other residents” or maybe by “falling down”. So he decided to investigate the case himself. He installed a hidden camera in her room and to his horror, he found out something incredibly enraging and heartbreaking. He did not see footage of other residents harming his mother, but extreme abuse and disregard from the caretakers of the facility themselves.

Watch the video below! What would you do if you found yourself in Camille’s shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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