82 Year Olds Dress Up In White Tutus. But Wait Until You See What The Grandma In The Middle Does!

This amazing video has got viral out there in the internet and that too for a very special reason. This video features a group of 50 seniors from the Julia Wallace Retirement Village who spent an entire week together filming and choreographing this wonderful lip sync video.

Adding on some cool edits, the group has shown off their dancing skills with enormous level of energy and wide smiles. I was so glad to see how this group was having fun. This group of senior citizens is not just remaining physically active but also enjoying their time in the best way.

The level of energy they carry during the entire video is constant. Their spirit and love for dance is actually to worth appreciating. My heart completely melted when I saw what happened in the end of the video. Watch this wonderful video and tell us what you think about it through your comments!

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