She Blocked A Busy Road. But What THIS Mama Elephant Did Next? You Won’t BELIEVE Your Eyes!

It is not every day that we see elephants crossing the road, especially if you are in the city area. However, you may be able to witness these amazing moments if you are inside a national park. As elephants are social animals like us humans, most of the times, they can be viewed migrating or travelling from one place to another with their herd. But in special occasions, they also travel with their small family.

In this video below, we see a family of elephants crossing the road in Gorumara national park in West Bengal, India. However, before the rest of the family come running to cross the road, it is mama elephant that makes sure that no one is around and nothing is there to hurt them. She chases away every human and vehicle from the area and only then permits her children to cross the road.

Check out a mother elephant’s love in the video below. What do you think about it? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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