Poor Baby Elephant Was STRANDED In The Woods. Now Look Closely At These Humans! OMG!

This video below features a story of a unique baby elephant rescue. Apparently, this baby elephant was walking through the grasslands of Africa when he fell into a deep well. Poor elephant also injured his head, not too seriously though. But the most heartbreaking thing is that his herd didn’t realize he fell down and left him. This baby elephant tried to get back to his herd but couldn’t because he had already lost his way.

Fortunately, a group of people came for his rescue. They tied him on a tree so that he would not go on his own to the woods and get lost again. They even took care of this baby elephant for an entire day as letting him go on his own in the woods would result to devastation. At evening when the rescuers thought they should call it a day, they heard some unusual noise from the woods. Apparently, this elephant’s herd was calling for him.

Watch this baby elephant’s reaction when he finally got to meet his herd. Isn’t that precious? Let us know in the comments!

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