They’re Beating The Summer Heat In The Pool. But When This Elephant Decides To Drop By? Shocking!

Pool parties are always fun but can you imagine the amount of fun you could have if you got visited by an unexpected guest? Well like a huge guest, maybe, an elephant! Well things like this can happen and this video is gonna show you that.

When Kerry Dunne and her husband were enjoying their pool party at Elephant Sands, a safari camp in Botswana, they got visited by quite an unexpected guest. An elephant decided to stop by and take a few sips of water from their pool. Fortunately the pool water wasn’t chlorinated so there’s nothing to worry about.

The elephant liked the pool so much that he actually stopped by several times that day. The couple had not zoomed in while clicking the video and the elephant was actually so close to them. Exciting! Don’t you think so? Let us know through your comments!

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