In 1960, Frank Sinatra & Elvis Presley Sang This Together And Left Everyone Screaming!

Elvis Presley is a legend. He is the King of Rock and Roll. There are many of his fans out there who would still do anything to just see him perform live. This video below features one of the most incredible yet rare footage from 1960s. Here, we can see Elvis delivering an enchanting performance with another great artist of the era Frank Sinatra.

During this show, the crowd almost lost their mind. Everyone screaming and shouting as soon as these two artists began to sing. Elvis sang “Witchcraft” while Frank Sinatra sang “Love Me Tender”. Even though the songs they are performing are different, they no doubt managed to perfectly synchronize it. Both of them were enjoying the performance as well.

Watching this video made my day. What about you? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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