Elvis Presley Came Onstage. But The Audiences SCREAMED When He Sang THIS Christmas Song!

Christmas is just around the corner and internet is already full Christmas wishes, advertisements and of course songs. This video below features a song by Elvis Presley which he performed live at a program in 1968. He delivered this incredible rendition of his favorite Christmas song “Blue Christmas” and enthralled millions. Even after 40 years, his performance is leaving everyone in goosebumps.

As we all know, Elvis Presley is a legend. He was one of the best entertainers in the world and is still recognized as the ‘king of rock and roll’. Pretty much all of us are his fans and it is safe to say that he had the most spellbinding voice of all times. People use to go crazy whenever he sang onstage and it can be observed in the video below as well. Watch how the audiences, especially the young girls react when he starts singing.

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