This 1977 Clip Shows Andy Kaufman Impersonating Elvis Presley. I Still Can’t Believe What I Saw!

You probably know the show The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. It is a talk show hosted by Johnny Carson under The Tonight Show franchise from October 1, 1962 through May 22, 1992. It used to be one of my favorite show and I still feel nostalgic whenever I stumble upon this show’s rare videos on internet. This video below is one of them. It features a hilarious performance by Andy Kaufman and it is going to leave you in hysterics.

This footage is from 1977 and in this clip Andy Kaufman was invited by Carson to impersonate The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. This was Andy’s first appearance on this show and he did a spectacular job. He didn’t just perfected the looks of Elvis but he even sang one of Elvis’ song in his voice.

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