Terrified Cow Cried When She Was Being Taken To The Slaughter House. But Then? OMG!

Animals are thought to be unresponsive to emotions. Many people reduce animals as just four legged creatures on earth who don’t have any kind of rights. However, every one of those skeptics are going to change their perspective after watching this heart breaking video.

This following video features the story of a cow named Emma who was scheduled to be slaughtered and processed into meat. When she was put inside the vehicle, she knew exactly where people were taking her and instantly tears poured out from her eyes. She was terrified and frightened. Fortunately, some kind people intervened and rescued Emma. They took her to a new sanctuary where she met her new family.

Emma has never lived with a herd before. Her reaction to meeting her new family is tear-jerking. Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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