Poor Man Spent 2 Hrs Building That Kitty Door. But What This Cat Did Next? Hilarious!

We, animal lovers go to an unbelievable extent to show our love towards our beloved pets. We buy them treats, toys and even their comfortable space to play and to chill out. This poor dad was also doing his best to let his cat know that he loves him very much. He built a kitty door to show him his love. But how this cat reacted to it had me rolling with laughter.

Philo, this cat in the video below is surely a clever cat but he never could guess why his dad was trying to get him inside the house so enthusiastically. Philo’s dad had spent 2 whole hours to prepare this kitty door for him, but ultimately Philo just ignored the existence of the kitty door. Instead of going through the new kitty door, Philo did something totally hilarious.

What this cat did at the end had me in hysterics. What about you? Did you find it funny? Let us know via comments!

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