Dad Was Left In STITCHES When His Bird Cursed Him Off For THIS Reason. Unbelievable!

Like dogs, birds can be really fun as pets. However, they are nothing like dogs when it comes to going for a walk. Take this bird in the video below for example! What he does when dad tries to put a harness on him for a walk will leave you in hysterics. I’ve never seen a bird do this before!

Of course, at first, dad let this bird Eric put a harness on him himself. He thought Eric liked to go on a walk. But today was not the day when Eric wanted to ‘waste’ his precious time on walk. At first he refused to put on the harness himself and when dad tried to help him out, he cursed him off and even bit him.

Watch this video below. Did this bring smile on your face? Let us know via comments!

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